A complete, small house it is – a Tiny House!
And self-sufficient too.

We want to make the process as transparent as possible for you – especially in terms of costs.
The prices are put together modularly, depending on what you need, together we define your expansion stage:
Self-sufficient or not? A finished interior, or doing it yourself? You would like to help in our workshop?

The decision is yours!


Our family

We present you some of our family members.
Fully self-sufficient or with external connection, ready to move in or with space to furnish yourself.
Here you can get an overview of the different variants and their prices.




Our Susi as a fine studio room in the green, 6 m long and for living with nature – not self-sufficient and still without furnishings.




Fanni really plays all the pieces – a self-sufficient little house, wonderfully cosy and ready to move in!

The variant also shines as a self-sufficient hotel room.




Hubert is a new typ of Tiny House on wheels for a family or somebody who needs just more space and a separate room.




Here you get a small power plant! Karl has everything on board you could wish for for self-sufficiency and is fully equipped and pretty, just move in and start living!


You want to get started?

You can see a rough overview of the costs here – we have a basis we can talk about.
Depending on the individual project, of course, there are still some things that can be adjusted: Personal contribution? Other material? Special furnishing wishes?

We want the caravan to really become YOURS and like to respond to individual ideas.

If your project gets a little more concrete and you want your individual caravan you can make use of our planning flat rate. There we compile define the basic conditions and costs, sample materials, and and colours and, on request, can also take a look at the installation on site and the the legal framework conditions. This lump sum costs 800 Euro. Before we are of course available for questions, ideas and first information!