2. Your WOHNWAGON can achieve this – self-sufficiency!

Its own power plant. Electricity production,

heating, water – on request you can be absolutely independent!

Each car is individually tailored to the needs of our customers. This also applies to the extent of self-sufficiency! Do you simply plug the car into the existing network or do you want to be completely independent? This works with our self-sufficient systems for water, heat and electricity. If you want to get involved in the adventure, we will gladly accompany you!




What should housing look like in the future? Climate change, resource consumption, hamster wheel, … we know there needs to be an alternative. We want to make it tangible!
With our caravan we make a statement.
Political & Philosophical: Less is more!
We ask the question: What do you really need for a good life? Which resources? How much energy? How much space? We would be happy to accompany you on your way to a sustainable life – a way which will also be fun!


The first step: The basic installation. We equip your WOHNWAGON (as in a classic house) with a fuse box, power sockets and light switches. We wire the wagon for connection to the external power grid, provide outlets for ceiling and exterior lighting and install the basic plumbing (bathroom & kitchen).
And then it gets interesting: Just plug it in externally
or become self-sufficient?


 Self-sufficient step by step

The caravan has a modular construction – the level of self-sufficiency and the furnishings can be tailored to your individual needs. Here you will find an overview of the individual modules that are available for selection!



Natural, hygienic, high quality

By producing our food we extract nutrients from the soil. With a Composting Toilet these nutrients are brought back into the cycle – an environmentally friendly toilet solution without sewer connection.

This is how it works:

The toilet separator insert automatically separates liquid and solid excreta. Both parts become the best fertiliser. Urine is germ-free and can be collected separately and diluted 1:10 for watering directly in the garden.
Solid excrements are mixed with a special bedding: Together with the Sonnenerde company, we have developed a mixture of vegetable carbon, rock flour and biofibres. This optimizes the composting process and increases comfort:
The bedding removes moisture from the excreta. This prevents rotting processes and bad odours from occurring in the first place. Under the microscope, plant charcoal has a huge surface and binds not only moisture but also odours. It is also an excellent home for beneficial microorganisms. Nutrients and pollutants are also bound.
With this special litter, all prerequisites for the production of the best black earth have been created.
After a few weeks/months (depending on the capacity of the toilet), the hygienically sealed container is simply taken out of the toilet and brought to the compost for post-composting. Together with other organic material, the mixture composts here. Six months later all possible pathogens are decomposed, the compost is ready!



Natural and modern power supply

We can offer various solutions for self-sufficient water supply for our caravans according to customer requirements. Used water from the shower or the dishes can be cleaned e.g. at the roof of special swamp plants and can be used again. Water upcycling at its best!

We use the natural cleaning power of marsh plants to clean and reprocess the used water from the shower and the dishes. The used water (from the shower or washbasin) is pumped to the roof and cleaned in the green purification plant. For this purpose we use so-called reduction plants, which are particularly suitable due to their high root activity. A large part of the cleaning performance is taken over by the microorganisms which are located in the root area.
The plants themselves are hardy, can withstand frost and are generally not chicks. So you don’t need a particularly green thumb for your green roof!

The Advantages

A green sump plant roof offers many advantages and can also be used away from the caravan for houses in new construction and also for renovations:

  • Natural water purification – as in any river or stream
  • additional insulation & air conditioning in summer
  • Fine dust reduction
  • Home for bees – an own microclimate develops
  • Also suitable as single module for mountain huts, garden houses or container houses
  • The service life of the roof cladding is extended
purifying plants

The water circuit is available in 3 versions:

  1. External fresh water & plant-based clarification (External supply of fresh water via water pipe, use of green roof as canal replacement, water collection of purified water e.g. for garden irrigation)
  2. Plant purification plant & pond (Purified water is stored in a pond and stored in a natural way, from there it can be treated with a drinking water filter and is available in the car!
  3. Complete closed circuit With high performance filters
    (high performance filter system with completely closed circuit – more technology necessary to ensure that the water does not tip over, you do not need a pond, certified drinking water quality)
autarkic water circuit plan


Intelligent island system with large memory

On the roof of the car, your autonomous photovoltaic system with state-of-the-art home automation provides power supply via the sun.

10 high-performance panels supply your caravan with electricity. The total power of 3 kWp is calculated in such a way that the electricity consumption can be covered all year round by adapting the consumer behaviour to the sun: LED lighting, laptop and mobile phone yes, TV rather no, electric kettle & refrigerator ok, but no cooking with electricity, … The system requires a conscious use of energy – but still allows a comfortable, year-round living. If there is a real shortage, the caravan can be charged externally at any time (via the mains or an emergency generator).

The electricity is stored in batteries in the double bottom of the car, a display informs you about the available amount of electricity and the consumption. Thanks to the integrated WLAN module, remote monitoring and maintenance is even possible!

  • 10 pieces 300 Wp modules
  • Total output 3 kWp
  • 3,000 Watt inverter (alternative: 5,000 Watt with wind turbine extension option)
  • Battery system in double bottom (260Ah battery, 4 days)
  • intelligent control, different energy modes depending on charge status, use and weather, remote maintenance, integrated 3G WLAN module
  • can be combined with small wind turbines depending on local conditions
  • installation on the roof of the caravan or in the garden next to it possible
photovoltaic system
waerme button


The Wohnwagon system for hot water & heating

In order to be well supplied with heat throughout the year, we have developed our own solution for the caravan: The wood solar central heating.
The core is a combined system with 2 hot water boilers (80 litres each) and two buffer tanks for the heating heat (120 litres each). The storage tanks are heated by the excess heat from the photovoltaic system. So from April to October you are usually well supplied with the sun! If this is not enough, you can heat it with the water-guided wood stove. Optimum living comfort is guaranteed by a modern heating control system.
The heat from the storage tank is transferred to the room air via two radiators and to the hot water for showering via a heat exchanger. This ensures that pleasant heat is continuously available.

  • 2 x 120 litre buffer tanks with high-quality insulation
  • 2 Design radiators in living room & bathroom
  • Power of the furnace 8 -10 kW (furnace can be selected from different models)
  • Wood consumption approx. 2 solid cubic meters per year for heating & hot water
  • 2 x 80 litre boilers can also be fed by excess from the photovoltaic system
  • Heating time: 2 – 3 hours
water-guided wood stove


Is self-sufficiency coming to an end? Here you have everything in view!

How much energy am I producing right now? How much do I consume? What do I need to become truly self-sufficient? With our modern control you have everything in view! We equip our caravans with a WLAN router in order to have remote access to this data, so that we can easily carry out maintenance work from our office!
Depending on your location, we will agree with you on the best solution for a self-sufficient supply with Internet – 4G routers, satellite Internet or a direct connection are possible.

Smart control for energy generation and consumption

You want to get started?

Each Wohnwagon is made individually and by hand for our customers:

We also like to respond to your own ideas, be it the energy system,
special resources available on the premises or concerning interior design!

If your project gets a little more concrete and you want your individual caravan
you can make use of our planning flat rate. There we compile
define the basic conditions and costs, sample materials, and
and colours and, on request, can also take a look at the installation on site and the
the legal framework conditions. This flat rate costs 800 Euro. Before
we are of course available for questions, ideas and first information!

Also: Contact us!