Your Wohnwagon – exterior

Organic forms that draw the light in

A timeless, sophisticated design – its rounded front and rear ends, a dashing flat roof and porthole windows create a unique visual impression and give the interior a special energy.


Your Wohnwagon - inside

The interior of a Wohnwagon

Private retreat, inspiring workplace, space for community. In the Wohnwagon you will find everything that makes up life and still have room to think. Generous open spaces and intelligent furniture solutions lend the interior of the Wohnwagon a loft character. The extendable bay also multiplies the possibilities.



Size variants

6 m x 2.5 m

10 m x 2.5 m

10 m x 2.5 m + extendable bay (3.30 x 2 m)


Here you can find some ground plan – examples for download


The most important data

240 cm

total height
362 cm (incl. chassis)

14 cm (details of the wall construction)

4 – 10 tons (depending on size)


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Small material science


Wood – Larch & Spruce

For the entire construction of the Wohnwagon we use regionally available wood. Only the chassis is made of metal, on top of that comes the staggered construction made of spruce wood.

The exterior formwork is realized with a larch facade. Larch wood naturally contains many resins and oils and is therefore protected from the weather. However, it turns grey with time. If you want to keep the colour you can re-oil the facade with a natural oil every 1-2 years.

For the interior cladding we combine naturally lightened spruce cladding with clay plaster in the colour of your choice.

Our book tip: The language of the trees by Erwin Thoma


sheep wool – naturally insulated

As insulation material sheep wool is the material of our choice. Due to its excellent insulating properties, sheep’s wool protects against cold and heat and ensures a healthy indoor climate. Sheep wool breaks down pollutants in the air and circulates the natural indoor air.
The secret: the protein building block of which sheep’s wool is made. The molecules of the amino acid side branches are able to absorb and neutralise harmful substances such as formaldehyde. This leads to a chemical reaction in which the pollutants are bound or converted to these molecules.
Sheep wool also regulates the humidity in the room – it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without changing the insulation properties. The renewable raw material requires very little energy in its production, and its disposal is simple and environmentally friendly.
Click here for the blog: eco-insulating materials – it concerns around well-being feeling!

loam plaster – logical resource

We love this material: Not only does it look beautiful, but it also has the best temperature storage capabilities, has a moisture regulating effect and is also the building material with the lowest manufacturing energy – good for the ecological footprint of the car. Clay binds pollutants and odours. The material is compostable, recyclable, unlimited and locally available. In addition, it offers many design possibilities with a colourful world of colours and interesting surface structures.

Our book tip: Clay and lime plasters by Irmela Fromme and Uta Herz


The room according to your wishes - ready to move in or to build yourself

The furniture is specially designed for the trolley – so that your mobile tiny house meets all your needs. Almost anything is possible due to the individual handcrafted production. We also offer an empty version for do-it-yourself construction.


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