Wohnwagon mini house


How do we want to live in the future? Our suggestion: reduce to the essentials, and be
as self-sufficient and natural as possible. Our planning team accompanies you on the way to your new home – built according to our principles!

BUILDING MATERIALS FROM NATURE – Wood, sheep’s wool and clay plaster ensure a healthy indoor climate

SMALL LIVING – reduced to the essentials, with loft-like generosity, because reduction may also be easy!

IMPLEMENTED BY PROFESSIONALS – with our master builder and experienced specialists from your region

LIVE INDEPENDENTLY – modulare autarke Haustechnik (Autarkie-Module füwith modular, self-contained house technology (self-sufficiency modules for electricity, water & heating) – depending on how far you want to take it!



– self-supporting “wood modules” – flexibly moveable
– self-sufficient supply with electricity / water / heat
– individual planning & extension possible
– only natural building materials: solid wood spruce, sheep wool, clay…
– Can be submitted as a building
– Fully prefabricated – one contact person, plan through once and just move in!


150.000 €
+ Self-sufficiency modules as desired:

  • 15.000 € STROM
    (stand-alone photovoltaic system with intelligent control for high self-sufficiency)
  • 15.000 € HEAT
    Central heating system with independent heating & hot water preparation
  • 15.000 € WATER
    Depending on your wishes, e.g. rainwater utilisation, grey water purification, bio-toilet



The Wohnwagon Mini House unites all of these elements into our integrated overall range. You are also welcome to join us in planning your own individual project.



As a master builder we can support you from the idea to the key delivery, with planning, consulting
or the coordination of the entire construction project. Individual, personal and uncomplicated.
With our self-sufficiency check, you can also add our self-sufficiency modules to existing homes
and apartments. We look forward to hearing from you!


tiny house Wohnwagon

Floorplan versions

Our mini houses are – like our Wohnwagons – individually planned and manufactured. Various sizes and layout versions are possible! Here are some examples of how the small home for the whole family could look:

SAMPLE FLOORPLAN for one of our energy self-sufficient mini houses with an independent energy supply


wall construction

We work with regional, natural materials in construction and insulation –
because it simply makes sense and creates a great indoor climate for your home!
We have 2 wall constructions to choose from.

Because it comes from the house WOHNWAGON, there’s of course also still
some specialties:

  • redegradable – the entire construction can be dismantled and relocated!
  • modular construction in the workshop – assembled in 3-4 days on your premises!
  • individually planned – for your needs!

So the WOHNWAGON mini house is built step by step.


If you are looking for a solid wall element, our solid wood wall system is the best choice. The solid wall made of the dowelled wooden plate achieves excellent thermal insulation values, stores the heat in a natural way and offers a solid shell for your mini house.

tiny house construction


How does the energy self-sufficient and water self-sufficient mini house work? In this Schema we explain to you clearly how your house gets along without water connection and canal connection and produces its own energy!


How does the energy self-sufficient and water self-sufficient mini house work? In this Schema we explain to you clearly how your house gets along without water connection and canal connection and produces its own energy!

97 percent self-sufficiency




Simply & independently supplied with hot water & heat you are with the water-bearing wood stove with storage system! When the sun shines, heat and hot water are generated by the sun, that’s not enough with the wood stove.

  • The 10 kW stove (wood or pellets) – different models possible
  • Cooking, baking, heating & hot water with an oven – The heat source becomes the heart of your home and brings a large corner independence!
  • From APRIL to OKTOBER: Heat over the sun! The surpluses from the photovoltaic system heat your hot water
  • 1,200 litres combined buffer storage tank for heat and hot water as heat reserve in the heating room with modern heating control and high-performance pumps
  • Heat distribution through underfloor heating, wall heating or radiators – pleasant warmth all year round!
tiny house heating


With our photovoltaic island system you generate electricity yourself and make yourself independent! Thanks to the integrated overall concept with energy-saving devices and intelligent consumption, you achieve almost complete self-sufficiency! Of course, external connection to the power grid is also possible on request.

  • 5 kWp Photovoltaic system on the roof of the house
  • 5 kWh battery storage with modern battery management (5,000 charge cycles, up to 20 years service life!)
  • 5 kW inverter – high-quality components, made in Europe!
  • Combination with a wind turbine if required
  • Integration of e-mobility& Combination with feed-in into the grid possible
tiny house energy


Depending on how far you want to go when it comes to water self-sufficiency, we offer individual solutions for circuits that are as closed as possible.

  • Bio toilet with dry separation system. Comfortable, hygienic, odourless. With the proven solution from the WOHNWAGON we get the valuable nutrients back into the cycle and produce the best black earth with our Terra Preta bedding.


  • Plant purification system for grey water purification – The sump plant roof or a small plant purification system in the garden ensures the natural purification of your used water from the shower & sink. The cleaned water can e.g. be fed into a pond and from there be purified again to drinking water.
  • The advantages of your green roof: Natural water purification, additional insulation & air conditioning in summer, own microclimate (cooling, multiplication of solar radiation, fine dust reduction, bee pasture).


  • Only an extensive green roof – if you don’t want water purification via our marsh plant roof you can also use a simple extensive green roof with desert plants – simple & inexpensive system without water cycle
tiny house

Our planning team will accompany you on your way to your new home!

Arrange your non-binding first meeting right away!


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We are looking forward to seeing you!


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Before you start your planning project with us – here are a few questions you can ask yourself at the beginning of the project. This will save us time and get you started right away!

What is the goal of your project? Where do you want to go?
What is the goal of the planning / consulting: What do you want from us?
What documents do you already have? Inventory plan, zoning, building regulations,…
What are the conditions on the property: electricity connection? Wind? Sun? Water?
In which timeframe and budget do you want to implement your project?



  • (PREFACE) DESIGN: with floor plan, views and sections, elaboration of a 3D representation of the building, elaboration of the cost estimate, discussion of the design with the building authorities.
  • FILLING IN: with the building authority with the compilation of the necessary documents
  • IMPLEMENTATION: with regional partners


tiny house Wohnwagon
tiny house collage