Our values

We are shaping the future of building!

Climate change, the wasting of resources, hamster wheel – when you look around the world, we all know that things can’t keep on going the way they are now. The problems of our time in the building branch and dwelling are particularly manifest for us: 40% of the world’s resource consumption goes into the ‘bricks’ of the construction industry! So here’s a huge lever for positive change. At the same time, the way we build and live massively influences other areas (mobility, social structures, infrastructure for care, etc.).
Here we want to really stir things up, and launch projects that serve as flagships for future-proof living. Projects that show how a good life could work for all, that is self-determined, ecological and social, and that can be fun too.


Our principles:

We create living, closed cycles. For the supply of electricity, heat and water we work with renewable energies and natural principles – for example water purification – and by integrating the individual elements create an integrated overall concept. We attach great importance to providing for easy repairability and to creating systems that are easy to comprehend. This creates projects for more freedom and a self-determined life.

When you enter you can feel it immediately: Working with natural building materials can be felt! Healthy and regional building materials – with which we create a high-quality living space as waste-free as possible – are important to us. No chemical madness and hazardous waste on the facades. Real materials that age beautifully and are robust – that’s the point! But we do not only think of nature in terms of building materials but also in terms of living! Wherever possible the outdoor area becomes an extended living room, a kitchen, a meeting place and also a place for self-sufficiency– keyword permaculture. This is how the living options are multiplied.



The central question is: What do you actually need for a good life? Honesty, openness and a lively dialogue usually lead us to the basis: an undogmatic, pleasurable reduction to the essential that gives things back their value. We build for people, according to human standards, on the basis of real needs and not for the ego. This usually means smaller individual areas and larger communal areas. This means a lightness in the design, which is oriented towards the individual and not towards solutions from the catalogue.

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Autarchy and connectedness are not contradictions. Regional exchange relations, cooperation, a network – that is what makes us truly independent. That’s why we focus our economic work and our projects on cooperation and trust. We want to create integrated concepts in which people can enter into exchange and fundamentally rethink the subject of housing.


A Wohnwagon is more than a caravan.


It is a statement – philosophical, political, personal. It is a way of life.

It makes self-reduction a luxury. But reduction does not mean renunciation.

“Reduce to the Max” is the motto.

We don’t just build Wohnwagons, we design a company that is already a statement in itself. Because it not only implements sustainability in a comprehensive manner and relies on natural resources, but also brings authentic Austrian craftsmanship to life in a modern and forward-looking form.

Honest, authentic craftsmanship with great vision.


Off to a sustainable future!

You can find out how it works and what you need for it on our blog platform and in our webshop!


We are a Zero Waste Austria Partner and are committed to working as waste-free as possible.